Yes, we can make virtually any wine to your specifications based on the characteristics of sweetness, acidity, tannin, fruit and body. Here are some suggestions...
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As we explored the characteristics that make wine taste like it does to each of us we learned that some of those wines hailed by oenophiles as wonderful often do not even taste good to many people. The subleties of flavor, body and smell that one person may treasure, can actually be distasteful to another. Our philosophy is drink what you like, not what someone else tells you is what you should be drinking. So how to find that wine that's special for you?

Simple - we make it just as you like it!

Using the grape musts available to us we can start with the varietal style closest to what you prefer and fine tune it during vinfication to creat your own personal recipe. Before bottling wines can be backsweetened to your taste which also brings out the fruit and softens tannins making the wine very drinkable as soon as bottled. Since our wines have a low level of sulfites and no other preservatives they should be enjoyed within a year or two.

We can  custom make your personal wine in 4-6 weeks in a quantity of 2 cases or more. If you'd like to know more: