Ordering wine for shipment to you.
Shipping wine is simple but not without some restrictions imposed by Federal and state laws.  We're experienced at it so don't worry. Not all states allow wine to be shipped to individual purchasers and Federal law requires wine be received and signed for by a person of legal age. Based on your zip code we will verify we can ship wine directly to you.

Because a verified signature is required, special packaging is needed and wine is relatively heavy, it is not cost effective to order less than 3 bottles. Shipping wine to a business address or nearby UPS Store is also slightly less expensive than to a residence.

So with all that information out of the way, all you need do is fill out the form and we will respond with the details and a time frame for delivery. Select the wines you would like and the number of bottles of each. Click on the label for a full description of each wine.

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