We three friends, the winemakers are,
come to the beach from places afar,
from north and south over river and mountain
following our dreams to the bar...

Lorraine and Duncan moved to Kill Devil Hills from Port St. Lucie FL by way of Fredericksburg,VA. Duncan is originally from Indiana and retired from management in manufacturing. He has been a home brewer for many years and is our beer mentor and shipping expert.

Lorraine came from the Hamptons on Long Island and has known John from high school days. She is retired from management in banking but also has experience as a travel agent.
John is originally from Lynchburg, VA and moved to NC in 2004. He is retired and is a volunteer counselor with SCORE. John manages the winery and our marketing. He and Lorraine have been making wine for over 15 years.
Since reuniting with John after 45 years and discovering we all had a  passion for making wine, we decided to join forces, share information, ideas, and "Friendship Springs," our first wine brand was born.  Just as the discussion had begun, John was at a restaurant and saw a sign that said "From wine, what sudden friendship springs", a quote from noted 17th century English poet and dramatist John Gay. When he told me about it I thought it was a 'sign' and perfect name for our venture.
Today, we are building a business "Outer Banks Winemakers, LLC", which includes our"Hop 'N GrapesOBX" retail store selling wine making and homebrew supplies and our own "OBX Winery" making a variety of nice table wines offered by the glass or bottle.
OBX Winery is a unique operation, probably unlike any other winery you have visited. We are one of the new trend in urban microwineries, much like craft beer breweries, located in populated areas convenient to many rather than out in the countryside surrounded by acres of vines.

Winemaking is an industrial manufacturing activity, part art and part science, unlike growing grapes which is agricultural. Fewer wineries grow grapes today and those that do are mostly family operations exploring more profitable uses for their land. Specialization and consolidation has created large vineyard operations which supply many separate wineries  Modern wineries buy grape juices (musts) already processed after the harvest and work their magic in a specialized environment.

We are co-located with Hop 'N Grapes OBX, a store supplying the supplies and equipment needed by home winemakers and beer brewers on the Outer Banks. We make our wines from the same ingredients you can buy in our store to make wine at home.

Our advantage is we do not have the risk of poor crop years and we are not limited to making the kinds of wines suitable to the few varieties of grapes that grow in the North Carolina coastal climate. The grape musts available to us are the same as the large commercial wineries and not only are they available year round, they are always perfect. We make every bottle of wine by hand, in small batches and we can blend and label small batches for our customers special tastes and needs. In fact, if you visit other local wineries with vineyards, you will notice they are also buying juice elsewhere in order to expand their offerings. The Outer Banks is a great place to visit and live, but not to grow grapes.

Stop by our little shop on the Bypass in Kill Devil Hills and see for yourself. Sometimes big surprises come from small packages!
Want more information, or just to chat about our venture?
Email us winos@obxwinery.com

Duncan   252-619-8184

Lorraine  252-564-5229

John        757-641-2597